Hard Money Lender

The reason a person should get a Hard Money or Private Loan should never be out of desperation. At Northwest Private Lending we are a Hard Money Lender who knows the value of getting a loan in a speedy manner, but ease should not exceed the cost of borrowing. Hard Money loans require a substantial down payment, and if you don't have the money, the next option is equity position in a piece of real estate. The best use for Hard Money real estate loans is to take advantage of great real estate deals, instances where cash is required to make the deal go through, such as bank foreclosures, probate sales, distressed sales, etc..

Regardless of your employment history, tax filings, or credit scores, if you have the cash, great deals on real estate are available. A property can be fixed and flipped, or sold for profit, or refinanced down the road. Investors may have a lot of money to get a fix and flip, rehab, or bridge loan, but sometimes they do not have all of it, and without all of the money, no deal will happen. That is when Hard Money Lending can fill the gap. Private loans are short-term, typically lasting 24-months or less and are generally non-owner occupied real estate as the primary collateral. This can include single family homes, multi-plex, condo, apartment, or a commercial property.

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